Invisible Braces

Feel awkward knowing that braces seem so conspicuous? Braces don’t have to be embarrassing anymore! The appearance of braces has improved. They are less obvious than what was possible with technology from a generation ago.
We have clear ceramic braces or invisible aligners to choose from.
You can still look great while you straighten your teeth.

  • these are almost invisible, removable aligners that are replaced every two weeks. These aligners are individually manufactured specifically for your teeth. As they are replaced you r teeth will gradually, by steadily move until they are aligned in the optimum position. Despite the slight appearance invisalign offers very effective teeth realignment.
  • Operating like traditional braces these clear ceramic braces almost blend in with the colour of your teeth. As there is no real disadvantage this almost un-noticeable alternative is steadily replacing the older, intrusive type of brace system.
  • These are connected to the back of the teeth. These are not visible to observers, but are otherwise similar to traditional metal braces. Though they cannot solve some of the more difficult alignment problems lingual braces are perfectly suitable for the more common orthodontic issues, and their unobtrusive nature makes them popular with adult patients.