Dentist Carlingford

North Rocks Dental provides a full range of dental treatments for Carlingford residents. Our dentists are graduates from prestigious universities, and out equipment is state-of-the-art. We aim to make your dental visits open, transparent and as pleasant as possible.
We provide

  • General dental
  • No gap check and clean
  • Kid free dental
  • Orthodontic work, with invisible braces
  • Non-surgical implants
  • Sleep treatment.
  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dentures
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Facial Injectables
  • White fillings
We understand that dental appointments can be awkward at best, and that children may find the unfamiliar experience rather unnerving at first. We cater to this with comfort, music, children’s play areas and had even added a virtual reality film viewer.

Wisdom teeth Removal Carlingford

Dental problems can be avoided by brushing twice daily and visiting the dentist twice yearly. But even the best kept mouth can still be subject to problems with wisdom teeth or crookedness. We aim to bring your teeth and gums into optimal working order, which inadvertently tend to make you look you best as the same time. You teeth are an important asset. Let us help you keep them in the best possible working order.
For residents of Carlingford dental treatment is available at North Rocks dentist. Can us for general check-ups, any queries or any potential problems.